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Infants, toddlers, grade school, and beyond

Ages 3 months - 12 years


Kindergarten readiness, and before and after school care

Grades K - 6 


Before and after school pickup/drop off to select area schools



Competitive rates. Contact for details and availability.



Welcome! I'm Gretel, and I have a passion for childcare and education.


My philosophy for child care is centered around creating a safe, and caring environment that fosters social, academic, physical, and emotional growth and development. This means that I take a very active, and engaged approach to childcare so that each, and every child has a happy, and productive stay.


I have independently owned and operated Gretel's TLC Daycare as a fully *licensed business out of my Des Moines, WA home for the past 26 years, and have been serving the Des Moines, Kent, Burien, and surrounding areas ever since.


My goal is to provide you and your child the best possible daycare experience. So put your mind at ease knowing that your child is in the hands of a trusted, and experienced childcare professional.


Daycare amenities include:


-multi-purpose indoor play area, nap area, kitchen, and dining area


-huge 3000+ square foot outdoor play area with a covered deck, jungle gym with slide, swings, and playhouse, and a large well kept lawn all for children to play in!


-new 12 person transportation van (perfect for field trips!)  



*Licensed with the City of Des Moines & Washington State Department of Early Learning


See what parents have to say...

More Than Child Care

Miss Gretel's TLC is truly a gem and a fantastic learning environment along with high quality child care. As an elementary teacher and grandmother of two attendee's, I can attest to the learning Gretel provides for the whole child: academics, socialization, responsibility, kindness and a focus on the individual child's strengths. I hold Miss Gretel in the highest esteem.


Gretel’s TLC Daycare came highly recommended to me by a close family friend.  As soon as I met Gretel and saw her with the other kids, I knew this would be a wonderful place for my children.  As a working mother, it’s difficult to be away most of the day, but I never worried when they were with Gretel.  Gretel is so loving, patient and kind with the kids and works very closely with the families.  She is always helping the kids learn and develop, even early on, by working with them on their manners, how to tie their shoes, going up and down the stairs, as well as beginning academics to help the kids get ready for school.  When it was time for my children to enter Kindergarten they were well ahead of the curve and have continued to excel in school.  Gretel has gone above and beyond for me and my children!  Even though my kids are in middle school now and no longer attend Gretel’s TLC Daycare, they love to go back and visit Ms. Gretel and her family.  We are so blessed to have found Gretel and so thankful that she welcomed us into her home.



My girls who are now ages 12 and 15, went to Gretel’s daycare from the time they were 6 months old to the time they entered kindergarten.  We were with Gretel for a total of 7 years.  During that time, my girls learned so much from Gretel.  She taught them how to read, write and do math.  But most importantly, they had lots of fun times there.  They learned arts and crafts, they sang (a lot), they went on field trips, put on Christmas shows for the parents and even did movie nights.


Thanks to Gretel’s daycare curriculum, my girls were ahead academically than most of the other kids in class when they started school. In fact, when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, her teacher’s assistant was so impressed with her reading and math skills, (not to mention her penmanship), that she asked us who our daycare provider was because she was interested in sending her son over to Gretel’s.


The girls missed going to Gretel’s as soon as they were both in school.  But every now and then, Gretel provided before school daycare for the girls when we needed her assistance.  She was always very accommodating in that regard.


We highly recommend Gretel as a daycare provider.  She is great with children and our experience with her was simply gold standard.  We have since recommended her to several family members who have small children.  At the end of the day, Gretel was not only our childcare provider, but we now consider her family as well.


Gretel's TLC has been caring for our children for over 6years now. It has been invaluable to have someone so patient, nurturing, trustworthy and skilled to watch out children during the day. She has become like family.


Gretel has successfully prepared out kids for elementary school both socially and academically. It is with great confidence and enthusiasm that we recommend Gretel's TLC for your childcare needs. 


The Zamoras


After visiting several of the larger commercial daycares, which would always bring my wife to the verge of tears, a family friend told us about Gretel.  When we got to Gretel's daycare she couldn't get my son into her arms fast enough!  The interview went well and Gretel was reluctant to give up Joshua  so easily.  This made placing Josh in her care very easy.  My wife felt very comfortable with leaving our son here for the day.  One of the best decisions we have made for our son and eventually his brother.

Gretel has had a ever going positive affect on our sons.  She started their learning process early on and as a result both sons are doing very well in school, she has introduced them to different kinds of food and there is very little they will not eat or at least try. She has meant so much to the boys and us that they if Gretel asks if she can take the boys camping with her and Oscar, the boys get upset if they cannot go.  The boys will ask on occasion if they can go and spend the night with Miss Gretel and Mr. Oscar.  They really look forward to her awesome pancakes they say.

She is and always will be an important lady in our lives. I'm looking forward to the day they graduate from High School and College. Of course for the obvious reasons but also because Gretel and Oscar have a standing invitation to both.  After all Joshua and Caleb are her boys too.

If there is any downside to Gretel is that she does not home school.  We tried very hard to convince her to do so.  We would have gladly taken our boys from the public school and had her teach them.  This is how good she is.  After both our boys began grade school.  Their teachers were so impressed with the boys behavior, attitude, and level of reading and math, they were lining up for spots at Gretel's TLC as they began to have children of their own.  I believe no less than four of the boys' teachers have had Gretel take care of their children.  I think that speaks volumes about the care and love they received from Gretel. 

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